Zombies Ahead

In my opinion, this is actually a pretty funny prank. I know it would brighten my day if I was stuck in traffic heading to work! Florida commuters were warned that there were “Zombies Ahead” while driving south on A1A . The electronic sign, which was hacked, typically updates drivers on when there are construction updates. The full story is on the Sun Sentinel.

Yesterday I was able to get out to the woods to do some mushroom hunting! Have you ever been before? It can be a lot of fun, and they’re so delicious when you fry them up! We didn’t find too many yesterday, but it felt great to be outside enjoying the nice weather.


Now that's an Easter bunny....

Meet the world’s biggest bunny! The bunny weighs in at around 50-pounds and is over 4-feet tall. How much do the owners spend on food? Right around $4,000! Darius, the Continental rabbit, goes through about 4,000 carrots, 120 cabbages, and 730 dog bowls of rabbit mix each year. He sure is cute though!

An eagle-eyed user of Apple’s satellite map app has potentially spotted the Loch Ness monster. You can see the full story and pictures by clicking on the link below! Do you think Apple’s satellite can capture a picture of Bigfoot now??




A missing 3-Year-Old boy was found stuck inside a claw machine at a bowling alley! I just want to know how the kid got in there?? Also, did he get to take a toy home? You can see the full story and pictures of the kid by clicking on the link below.



I might be awkward, but I’m good at it!    This is for everyone who is as awkward as I am.

This is for everyone who is as awkward as I am.


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