A missing 3-Year-Old boy was found stuck inside a claw machine at a bowling alley! I just want to know how the kid got in there?? Also, did he get to take a toy home? You can see the full story and pictures of the kid by clicking on the link below.



I might be awkward, but I’m good at it!    This is for everyone who is as awkward as I am.

This is for everyone who is as awkward as I am.

Here's your sign...

I’m guilty of being attached to my phone, and I’m making an effort to distance myself from it at points during the day. This poor girl might want to try to do the same thing! Haha…she dropped her phone, and got stuck when she was trying to retrieve it. The full story is on the Huffington Post.

Check out all the huge SX stars in this video. http://www.gloryhog.com/index.php/videos/10-race-highlight-videos/829-track-walk-talk-st-louis-supercross-2014-sx

We caught up with the local racers racing St. Louis Supercross get the spotlight during track walk.



Occasionally I work with Glory Hog doing interviews for motocross races throughout the Midwest, and over the weekend we hit up the St. Louis SX! I’ll post the videos in another post, but make sure you visit gloryhog.com too!

In a bad mood?? Check out these Basset Hounds running! You’re welcome. ; )



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