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This weather has been perfect for riding, and last weekend I had a blast at Splinter Creek MX!


So I’m not very crafty. I want to be, however my Pinterest projects usually end up looking like a complete disaster! However, thanks to a chocolate mold kit that I found at Hobby Lobby I was able to make these super cute chocolate hearts! It was as easy as melting the chocolate, placing them in the mold plate, letting them cool, then wrapping them up to be bagged.


S’more cookies. Need I say anymore?! Click on the link below to see how to make a batch.



Here’s the link to the Pizza Muffin recipe that I was talking about this morning! http://hip2save.com/2014/08/12/pizza-muffins-easy-lunchbox-recipe/

Here’s the recipe that I was talking about this morning!




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