Are you trying to save money? If so, there are certain months when you can get some big bargain deals! Check out this chart from


Halloween is tomorrow! Do you have a Throwback Thursday picture of one your past Halloween costumes? Here’s me dressed as a Ninja Turtle way back when!


Why would a four year old boy have to deal with terminal cancer? Unfortunately, we don’t always have answers for some of life’s hardest questions. This story about a four year old Utah boy made me cry. Doctors gave the family the news that their son was no longer treatable, and when the news broke the Utah community came together to celebrate all of the holidays early so they could give the boy the most of his last few days. Grab a tissue and click this link for the full story:

Are you ready for Halloween? Enjoy the holiday with these Spooky Halloween Breakfast ideas!

Do you need something to make you smile on this Monday? Check out this video.

This past weekend was amazing! We took advantage of the weather and spent nearly the entire weekend outside riding dirt bikes. My boyfriend and his friends really are some of my favorite people to hang out with not only because they are the funniest people I know, but also because they are always living life to the fullest! #MyBros #Moto







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